• Controls

    Seats are the business card of every aircraft interior as they represent about 85% of the passenger’s interaction and his overall flight experience. Driven by this vision, EAST is always studying new ways to improve seat comfort to offer the most innovative solutions.
    Besides baseline mechanical controls, EAST offers electric assisted solution as well as full electric seat systems that can be controlled by user friendly/smart devices.
  • Comfort

    Our massage system includes 4 different modes, zones and speed/ intensity level controls. In addition, EAST is the first to introduce the most innovative interaction feature for Executive Aviation customers; the Audio Response Massage that works with the aircraft IFE to provide passengers an incredible entertainment experience.
    EAST also offers air cushion technology, with inumerous advantages like weight savings, durablity, lumbar support, and various firmness level adjustments for enhanced comfort.
  • Ergonomics

    EAST is the first to offer vertical adjustment mechanisms to the VIP segment with a 3’’ range that perfectly fits different occupants.
    In addition to the vertical lift, our cushion design is tailored for maximum passenger comfort by utilizing the latest technologies available to optimize the results.
  • Style

    When it comes to exclusiveness, bespoke solutions is what our customers can expect for their product. Whether it is creating unique styles from scratch or bringing their concept to reality without losing the essence of the original idea.
    Counting on the cutting edge resources and new materials available, we can design your seats and divans in the best way to explore our upholstery team capabilities to obtain nothing but excellence.