• Concept

    In a collaborative work methodology our multi-disciplinary team is always looking for what is next. What are the customer’s needs and desires? How to exceed their expectations? What is the state of the art technology in all industry segments that may be incorporated into our product?
    New concepts and products are developed and immediately transformed into prototypes on site at the company's Design Center.
  • Design Engineering

    EAST engineers can take conceptual product designs from the drawing board to a serial production scenario in a very short time period. New concepts and products are developed and immediately transformed into prototypes at our Design Center.
    Learning every time from each development, our talented team members are capable of bringing new design solutions to be incorporated to the next generation and current products.
  • R&D

    The Research & Development department promptly supports engineers on their daily developments by discussing and prototyping every new solution created to improve the product by increasing reliability and optimizing the manufacturing processes.
  • Certification

    As a TSO holder, EAST has all the necessary knowledge to develop and design seats and divans from clean sheet to product enter in service.
    Preliminary software analysis and development tests are conducted to reduce risks as much as possible prior certification campaign.
    Our specialized engineering team can quickly evaluate new seat configuration proposals and provide our customers with a fast and accurate technical disposition.
  • Customization

    Not every seat manufacturer can count on an experienced industrial design team to customize its products in terms of style, finishing, comfort and built-in functionality when it comes to user interface. To offer our customers a bespoke experience, we ensure our team is constantly updated with the state-of-the-art technology from several industry segments that can be incorporated into an unparallel level of craftsmanship.
  • Upholstery

    Although there are plenty of upholstery professionals available in the industry, it is quite challenging for any company to assemble a team that gathers all the necessary experience to meet the highest expectations from the very demanding Executive Aviation Industry.
    Working with designers and engineers, our upholstery craftsman are able to prototype new foam solutions to reduce weight, increase comfort level, and guarantee the highest quality product.
  • Quality

    Working side by side with the most demanding quality departments from different aircraft OEMs around the world, EAST has learned that the attention to details is a basic requirement for the VIP segment and is also carried over to Commercial Aviation products. That is why our industrial design, engineering, quality, and production teams are working together in order to achieve a manufacturing friendly product.